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The Jazz Discography is available online or via CD-ROM!

This is the monumental work by Tom Lord. Anyone who is the least bit interested in knowing recording dates, personnel, takes, material that was recorded but not issued, etc., NEEDS this! FULLY indexed and searchable! 42,800 Leaders, over 212,500 recording sessions, over 1,210,000 musician entries and over 1,300,000 tune entries. Every field in the database can be searched individually or in groups with a selection dialog box.

Catalog your own collection using this tool with the ONLINE VERSION. Subscribe today or give a 12 month subscription as a gift. For the collector who thinks they have everything to the collector who wants to save time to the collector who wants to know who is playing on recordings. This online work is updated nearly daily.


...In Book Form

Some information courtesy of the late Howard F Rasch, Colin Bray, and Philippe Varlet

This list is by no means exhaustive. Additions/corrections welcomed.
Gary Herzenstiel