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The Jazz Discography is available online or via CD-ROM!

This is the monumental work by Tom Lord. Anyone who is the least bit interested in knowing recording dates, personnel, which record companies and catalog numbers issued it, takes, material that was recorded but not issued, etc., NEEDS this! This work/tool is fully indexed and searchable and covers jazz releases on 78, 45, LP and CD. Over 51,152 leaders, over 247,298 recording sessions, over 1,423,691 musician entries and over 1,620,501 tune entries plus the online version is updated almost daily. Every field in the database can be searched individually or in groups with a selection dialog box.

Catalog your record collection with a couple of mouse clicks per session using the online version! Search and sort your collection, just like the full database! Go back and forth between your own collection and the full database for comparison. If you do not need to use the cataloging system it can be used to create a Want List of recordings you are looking to get. Either your Catalog or Want List will be neatly summarized and can be sorted by 6 different criteria, including Leader and Record Company. Subscribe today or give a 12 month subscription as a gift. For the collector who has everything to the collector who wants to save time to the collector who wants to know who is playing on recordings.


  • The Jazz Discography - by Tom Lord - The jazz listing reference!
  • Mainspring Press offers free discography downloads from John Bolig, Dick Spottswood, Allan Sutton, William R. Bryant, George Blacker, Brian Rust, The Record Research Associates & others.
    • International Record Company,
    • RCA Victor Program Transcriptions,
    • Victor Film and Theater Records,
    • Champion Records Identification Guide,
    • Star Records,
    • Historic Masters,
    • Victor Monthly Supplements (1904),
    • Sonora vertical-cut records,
    • National Music Lovers and New Phonic,
    • Phono-Cut,
    • Ragtime on Records (1894-1950),
    • Keen-o-Phone / Rex / Imperial,
    • Victor blue/green/purple (1910-1926),
    • U-S Everlasting Cylinders (1910-1913),
    • Indestructable Cylinders (1907-1921),
    • Ajax (US),
    • Columbia / Graphophone Grand / Busy Bee cylinders (1896-1909),
    • Vocalion 14000 series,
    • Columbia ethnic series,
    • JAZZ AND RAGTIME RECORDS (1897–1942) by Brian Rust,
    • OKeh vertical-cut
  • The Online Discographical Project has hundreds of thousands of 78 listings by label.
  • The LOC (Library of Congress) has a their entire collection of 78s listed on their SONIC tool online.
  • UCSB posted the Victor Red Seal Discography, available as a single PDF download
  • University of Wisconsin has their discography of the New York Recording Laboratories of Port Washington, Wisconsin: Paramount, Broadway, Famous, and Puritan.
  • Jazz Record Label Listings Project and history, mostly post-WWII, plus the BRIAN project (share discographies created with the Brian application.)

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Some information courtesy of the late Howard F Rasch, Colin Bray, and Philippe Varlet

This list is by no means exhaustive. Additions/corrections welcomed.
Gary Herzenstiel