The 78rpm Home Page - Early Victor Home Recordings

Around 1930 Victor began producing radio phonographs that would play their new 33 1/3 records. The phonographs had two-speed turntables. Some of these machines would also make recordings using Victor pre-grooved home recording discs. I have seen 6" and 10" blanks. Some re-makable broadcasts were saved on these discs. The problem is when they are found today (rarely) they can barely be heard if you try to play them. This is because the sound is "sort of" embossed on the top of the pre-grooves. I have found if a Pathe-size ball saphire needle is mounted on a standard needle frame the discs play quite well. Note I don't suggest you try and play these discs on an acoustic Pathe phonograph! I am presenting this information so that if you do find one of these dics you do not throw it away thinking it has little or no sound on it. You could be throwing away a very rare broadcast from the early thirties.

From a message by Tom Hood to the 78-L mailing list (courtesy Tom Hood)