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One of the earliest Reichsrundfunk center start discs, dating from 1932.
Special label, using a RRG master, dating back to 1932.
Very rare example of a center start disc made by the German Wehrmascht in occupied Norway during WWII, for radio use (Norsk Riksringkasting is the Norwegian radio service at a time when it was forbidden for Norwegian civilians to own radio sets).
Pre WWI label from Reichssender Stuttgart, dating from 1934.
Pre-WWII pasteover label dating from 1938, used by Reichssender Stuttgart, you can just about see the original label simmering through.
WWII RRG label with Swastika, used by Grossdeutscher Rundfunk.
Interesting example of an election speeach originally recorded by Reichsrundfunk, thus inside start, but given a modified Grammophon label for use outside radio stations.
the last RRG label type I can remember in my collection. It was in use by Süddeutscher Rundfunk after the Nazi takeover, but before the regional radio stations were merged into Grossdeustcher Rundfunk.
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