The 78rpm Record Home Page - Match Symbols With Labels

Can you match all 26 symbols with their label names?

A Cameo
B Apollo
C Van Dyke
D Decca
E Mercury
F Okeh
G Zon-o-phone
H Perfect
I Master
J Pathe
L Lyric
M Grey Gull
N RCA Victor
O Paramount
P Bluebird
Q Oreole
R Record Changer
S King
T Imperial
U Capitol
V Columbia/CBS
W Banner
X Brunswick
Y Parlophone
Z Radiex

Score:  5 Correct: F: So you've inheritted a few 78s....
       10 Correct: G: Junk stores have been good to you.
       15 Correct: VG-:  You call yourself a 78 collector?
       18 Correct: VG+:  Ah, but you've seen the rest somewhere.
       20 Correct: E-:  I'm impressed.  Are you?
       23 Correct: E+:  Excellent.  Did I mention that I accept donations?
       26 Correct: M:  Alright, Kurt, I'll throw a few curves next time.

Bump yourself up to the next category if you named at least half of the label varieties.

All in fun! Hope you enjoyed this first installment.