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Variety: Australia

Country of Issue: Australia
Genre: Russian
Recording Date: 1950s
Label: paper
Groove: lateral
Side A: Wolodymyr Rychtowski:

This label was added to the gallery by: Adam Miller on Jul 16, 2013

Comments about this label:

Adam Miller on Jul 16, 2013.
One of the bunch of 'ethnic' labels that sprung up in the 1950's, including Aida & Avala. Russian material.
roxolana on Mar 27, 2014.
The writing on this label is in Ukrainian. "Oy ne shumy, luzhe" It is from the classic Ukrainian opera "Natalka Poltavka" [Natalie from Poltava] by Mykola Lysenko.
Lastivka on May 19, 2014.
This is a Ukrainian folk song, not Russian. The Australian label "Cosmopolitan" was founded by Ukrainain-Australian Anatolij Mirosznyk in 1951. Mirosznyk was a composer and pianist. Originally the label he founded was called "Olympia", but then the first few recordings under tha label were reissued as Cosmopolitan. Over one hundred 10'' shellac 78s were issued under Cosmopolitan in Australia during the 1950s. The recordings included Ukrainian, Russian and Italian songs, mostly from European artists who came to Australia post-WWII as displaced persons. They were mostly folk songs as well as a few instrumentals. Wolodymyr Rychtowski was a Ukrainian-Australian Opera singer (baritone) who did a number of Ukrainian folk song recordings.

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