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American Record Corporation

Catalog Number: 5008
Country of Issue: USA
Genre: Jazz
Recording Date: 1926
Label: paper
Groove: lateral
Side A: Johnny Dodds and his New Orleans Wanderers: Perdido Street Blues (Fox Trot) (Louis Armstrong)
Side B: Johnny Dodds and his New Orleans Wanderers: Gate Mouth (Fox Trot) (Louis Armstrong)

This label was added to the gallery by: Edwin C. Harvey, Jr. on Apr 28, 2014

Comments about this label:

Edwin C. Harvey, Jr. on Dec 11, 2011.
This looks to be a private label. This was a special edition re-issue from Columbia. Originally recorded for Columbia on July 13th, 1926.
Pat B. on Feb 4, 2012.
It looks like this label was produced sometime between 1934, when ARC acquired Columbia Phonograph and Record, to 1938, when ARC was sold to Columbia Broadcast System.
Barry Margolis on Jul 25, 2019.
This short-lived line of reissues was produced by CBS/Columbia in the late 1940's.

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